Let’s get through this together

As more information about COVID-19 surfaces, we are doing our best to respond to this information by developing adaptable robotic solutions.

As more than 50 countries* have made mask-wearing compulsory, and it’s been determined that social distancing and masks reduce spread by about 85%**, the new norms have become a standard in society.

In retail, it’s noticeable the shift in trends thanks to the novel coronavirus. For instance, in German supermarkets, Pepper has been tasked with reminding shoppers to wear masks. People are shopping more cost consciously, and people are staying more local to avoid having to travel far.***

Another example of shifting trends, we have the healthcare industry which has started to adopt more teleconsulting, as companies like CVS Health in the US report a 600% increase in teleconsulting and virtual consults are expected to exceed 1 billion by the end of the year in the US alone.**** A clinic in Hungary for example, has deployed a Pepper to welcome its guests and patients safely and warmly.



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** World Health Organization (WHO)
*** https://www.accenture.com/sk-en/insights/consumer-goods-services/coronavirus-consumer-behavior-research
**** https://www.techrepublic.com/article/telemedicine-soars-amid-covid-19-will-virtual-healthcare-be-the-new-normal/

Customer Support and Repair services

Despite the Coronavirus crisis, our Customer Support and Repair services for Pepper and NAO are still open and operational. All your requests will be processed. Delivery and shipping times can sometimes take longer than usual, thank you for your understanding.

With Covid-19 around, how to clean your robots?
Please clean and disinfect your robot using alcohol (such as Isopropyl) based disinfectant wipes. Do not use water. Do not use ammonia-based products.
More: https://www.softbankrobotics.com/emea/en/support/pepper-naoqi-2-9/6-packaging-and-storing