Facilitate a smooth connection between people with Pepper’s Telepresence capabilities!

Pepper allows your users to enjoy an immersive experience at ease despite being physically apart.

Pepper’s Telepresence feature includes:

  • Teleoperation: it enables users to operate the robot remotely by using a simple browser-based interface. Users can take commands of 45 and 90 degree turns or drive Pepper around in a open space to serve interaction purposes
  • Obstacle detection: it allows Pepper to detect and avoid obstacles on its route for save movements without human supervision on-site
  • Audio & video encryption: the content of the interaction is well secured and the identity of the caller is authenticated

In your company’s reception area, Pepper can now serve in a company reception area, facilitating communication between visitors and employees.

In your hospitals, retirement homes or any healthcare facilities, Pepper can put your patients and seniors in contact with their family and friends, increasing the frequency of televisits and reducing the sense of isolation.

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