Protect your Customers & Employees with Pepper’s Mask Detection Capabilities!

With the ability to detect complex masks designs and groups of people without masks, Pepper can make your business operations safer!

Pepper can become an important tool in helping businesses warmly greet visitors, keeping guests safe during the pandemic, and helping maintain safety protocols. As a versatile and innovative robot, Pepper comes with a new important feature, mask detection! Mask checking is an important feature for business owners as new protocols are in place all around Europe & the Middle East that declares it mandatory that people wear masks in closed spaces. With Pepper in your business: 

  • The Mask Detection AI feature is free.
  • Pepper’s mask detection feature can work in groups of people making receiving your visitors and customers much easier.
  • Instruct shoppers and guests about the current safety protocols and their importance.
  • Guarantee the safety of your customers and employees and enhance their experience at your establishment.
  • Pepper can optimize and automate repetitive tasks to allow your staff to handle more detailed tasks.

Ensure the safety of your customers, staff, and others and create a unique and reassuring visit for Pepper and its many safety features!
Get in touch with us to get your very own Pepper!

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