1. Meet NAO


NAO overview
Handling NAO

Handling NAO


Holding NAO by the waist is the best way to carry the robot and avoid pinching.

You can safely handle the robot without damage when NAO's motors are OFF

Check the Handling article to know more. 


Nao location


Place NAO on a cleared, non slippery floor.

It's ok if NAO falls from its own height, the robot will stand back up by itself*. 

Let NAO impress you! 

Check the Choosing Location article to know more. 

* only if the Fall Recovery application is installed (included in the Basic Channel).

Charging NAO


Battery and Charging

A fully charged battery lasts from 45min to 2h depending on what the robot does.

A notification will tell you when the battery is low. 

Check the Charging article to know more. 

NAO press the Chest Button


Turning NAO ON and OFF

To turn NAO ON, press the Chest Button once.

To turn NAO OFF, press and hold the Chest Button until NAO says "Gnuk Gnuk" (~3 seconds).

Check the Turning ON and Turning OFF articles to know more. 

NAO motors


Rest Mode

Press the Chest Button twice to switch OFF NAO's motors and stop any activities.

When NAO's motors are OFF, you can easily pick up NAO and manually change its posture. 

Press the Chest Button twice again to switch ON NAO's motors.

Check the Rest Mode article to know more. 

NAO talking



When NAO's eyes are blue, the robot is listening. It's your turn to talk!

Stay in front of NAO when talking, and remember to speak loud and clear. 

Check the Talking with NAO article to know more.

nao notification



The Chest Button LED blinks when there is a notification.

Press the Chest Button, and NAO will tell you the notification message ! 

Check the Notifications article to know more.