Memorable and satisfying experience to start your visitors’ journey

Your challenges



Impress your guests and deliver a positive & innovative first image



Optimise the visitor flow to shorten registration process



Reduce perceived waiting time and frustrations



Increase understanding of visitor knowledge and perceptions

Our solutions

Welcome_Icons_Solutions_1 Effective visitor management
Pepper and NAO welcome and check-in visitors across all your physical places. As both standalone reception services and integrated solutions

Provide valuable advice-and-guidance services, distribute critical and relevant messages in 21 languages while waiting, and develop a productive relationship with visitors.


Welcome_Icons_Solutions_2 Proactive greeting system
Welcome and engage people in a unique emotional way with attractive interactions, serve visitors individually and personally thanks to their embedded sensors. Enable visitor profile, reception performance and service level analysis




Make a memorable first impression and generate satisfied visitors



Free staff from repetitive tasks for more valuable activities



Optimise the wait time for promoting added-value information and service



Enhance transparency and comprehension of visitor knowledge


‘Welcome’ for your industry

Attract_Icons_Retail Retail
First image matters, greet your walk-in customers with Pepper and NAO to boost sales.
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Attract_Icons_BFSI BFSI
Exceptional way to welcome customers into your branches. Our robots make waiting time fun and informative.
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Attract_Icons_Tourism Travel & Hospitality
Give international travellers and guests a world-class welcome. Pepper and NAO simply the check-in process and impress your customer.
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Attract_Icons_Gouvernement Government & Public services
Bring the core of today’s innovation to modern governments. Register and guide citizens to the right services efficiently with our robots.
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Attract_Icons_Santé Healthcare
Improve patient experience, starting with a warm greeting. Our robots create empathetic link to your patients, make them feel comfortable and welcome.
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