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Your challenges



Setup proficiency & excellence in responding people’s needs



Guarantee the quality, efficiency and consistency of provided services under any conditions across all locations.



Deploy innovative initiatives to differentiate and standout from similar offerings.



Accelerate the service delivery, while, ensuring cost-effectiveness.

Our solutions

Attract_Icons_Solutions_3 Empathetic and patient communication
Pepper and NAO listen requests attentively, interpret environment accordingly and always communicate in positive languages, at all times.

Attract_Icons_Benefits_7 Efficient and consistent interface
By connecting to cloud, databases or other devices, our robots gain access to various specialised skills, extract related information, and provide remarkable & personalised services

Inform&Recommend_Icons_Solutions_2 Flexible and scalable platform
Being fully customisable, Pepper and NAO allow you to scale up the scope, size and range of managed services, enabling you to implement new services quickly and leverage valuable benefits for your users.




Improve service quality, resulting in satisfied users



Optimise resource allocation, reducing operational costs



Increase visibility, expanding audiences’ coverage



Enlarge offerings’ diversities, gaining access in new opportunities


‘Provide services’ for your industry

Attract_Icons_Retail Retail
Aggregating multiple services such as click and collect, payment, order & delivery and ticketing, Pepper and NAO strengthen customer engagement, rise conversion rates and improve overall customer lifetime value.
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Attract_Icons_BFSI BFSI
Providing multiple services such as financial project simulation, on-demand reports generation, ticketing: facilitating administrative procedures & fulfilling clients' needs.
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Attract_Icons_Tourism Travel & Hospitality
Deliver world travellers and guests multiple services such as check-in, mobile keys, concierge, cloak room services, reservation & modification, ticketing, shop & collect, order & delivery and translation. 
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Attract_Icons_Gouvernement Government & Public services
Implementing a citizen-centric approach to delivering government services, such as consultation, online administrative services, on-demand reports generation, concierge & ticketing, Pepper and NAO reinforce visitors' confidence in their administration.
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Attract_Icons_Santé Healthcare
Pepper and NAO assist patients in self-diagnosis, support staff in health trending & monitoring. Delivering multiple services such as consultation, online administrative services, on-demand patient reports generation, concierge, ticketing and order & delivery, Pepper and NAO allow you to facilitate administrative procedures & fulfil your patients' needs.
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