Inform and Recommend

Make communication convincible & efficient, exceed expectations and inspire people

Your challenges



Deliver up-to-date information instantly, efficiently & accurately



Understand & remember people’s preference to better inform them



Tailor recommendations, making them persuasive and remarkable



Unify the omni-channel journey to improve involvement and confidence

Our solutions

Inform&Recommend_Icons_Benefits_4 Effective channel
Create a new way to deliver information and critical messages, Pepper and NAO effortlessly capturing your audience’s concentration, to achieve a greater and better information delivery. 

Inform&Recommend_Icons_Solutions_2 Customised presentation
With ready-to-use CMS solutions developed by our partners, you can easily manage the creation, modification and publication of content: displayed medias and robot oral & body expressions.
By personalising the interaction, achieve higher engagement and conversion rate.

Inform&Recommend_Icons_Solutions_1 Real-time communication
By integrating in your IT systems and CRMs, connecting to chatbot, or other databases, our robots can listen, analyse and understand people’s attention, identify their profile (under permission), and deliver real-time dynamic messages.

Attract_Icons_Benefits_8 Cognitive interaction
Through embedded and cloud-based cognitive computing services, Pepper and Nao are able to recognise and categorise people by age, gender, emotion, etc., enabling to adapt their messages to interact appropriately with the right person.




Deliver information in a more compelling way



Simplify access to information



Free your staff to more meaningful services



Improve the quality of one-on-one interactions



Strengthen engagement to develop a ‘worth-to-repeat’ experience


‘Inform & Recommend’ for your industry

Attract_Icons_Retail Retail
Seize more sales with personalised product recommendations. Pepper and NAO promote available products and services for your customers according to their preference.
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Attract_Icons_BFSI BFSI
Driven by accessibility of information, our robots offer you an attractive way to hold your client’s attention while delivering relevant messages.
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Attract_Icons_Tourism Travel & Hospitality
The customer-first approach makes the tourism of future. Pepper and NAO create intelligent environments for engaging emotionally travellers and guests with your brand, Pepper and NAO.
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Attract_Icons_Gouvernement Government & Public services
Our robots provide a creative way to notify your public, make the information transparent, accessible, and responsive.
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Attract_Icons_Healthcare Healthcare
Better information for a better care. Pepper and NAO deliver the right information at the right time to your patients, create a greater awareness among public and increase demand for better care.
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