Generate Insight

Produce valuable knowledge, creating actionable insights

Your challenges



Create efficient processes to encourage people to provide information and take actions.



Gather complete and reliable information across channels throughout the user journey.



Develop a greater understanding of your audiences and connect with them emotionally



Be able to measure results of performance-oriented campaigns or purpose-driven activities.

Our solutions

Attract_Icons_Solutions_3 Compelling call-to-action
Offer attractive and dynamic robot-human interactions, proactively motivating people to conduct surveys, triggering customers to subscribe to services, and converting visitors into qualified leads.

GenerateInsight_Icons_Benefits_1 Comprehensive data collection
Establish a powerful touchpoint in your omnichannel strategy, collect information such as the decision path and user preferences, demographic profile and instant cognitive evidence, etc.

Attract_Icons_Benefits_7 BI & Data analytics
Allow easy plug-in of any data processing tools, enable the analysis & assessment of KPIs, and support the process of decision making, derive conclusions and implement predictive analytics.




Enrich the quantity & quality of collected data, generating better and deeper insights



Adjust accordingly associated plans, optimising activities’ performance



Develop effective decision-making strategies, improving efficiency of goal-oriented actions


‘Generate insight’ for your industry

Attract_Icons_Retail Retail
Pepper and NAO assist you in using a strategic mindset and a business perspective to generate customer and shopper insights and help translate those findings into concrete business.
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Attract_Icons_BFSI BFSI
Customers are leading the way toward next-generation banking and insurance distribution strategies. Our robots leverage the value of client insights in your decision making.
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Attract_Icons_Tourism Travel & Hospitality
Set your travel & hospitality business apart by using Pepper and NAO interaction analytics to enhance the customer experience and improve efficiency.
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Attract_Icons_Gouvernement Government & Public services
Transforming service delivery begins with understanding citizens’ needs and priorities. Our robots identify the dissatisfaction and expectations for generating actionable insights to prioritize areas for improvement.
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Attract_Icons_Santé Healthcare
Generate real-world evidence to analysis patient health history for a better diagnosis and standard of care.
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Attract_Icons_Education&Research Education & Research
Following and monitoring students’ performance and curriculums’ effectiveness, Pepper and NAO allow educators to test, compare and design the best learning methods.
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