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The ENTRANCE GmbH – society for artificial intelligence and robotics from the heart of Wuppertal, Germany is specialised in software development for smart companion robots that aim to increase the people's quality of life, and provide value-gaining applications for enterprises that enrich customer experience.
Moreover, ENTRANCE is a one-stop shop for consulting services, training and workshops, and developing individual solutions.
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Entrance provides both ready-to-use and customised solution. Their solutions can be deployed in following industries:


Ready-to-use solution:

Pepper the Barista (Smart home) - Pepper serves as a Barista and delivers an individual story to every coffee he orders at through WIFI connected coffee machine. Under Advanced Smart Home, this technology can be applied to other products apart from coffee.

Survey builder - Generate a quick survey for an event or the daily workflow. Manage the content and submit the collected data to a third-party service. It also helps with the integration of third party APIs.

Nao the Quizmaster - They developed an easy to use interface to create a quiz system. The user can create his own questions and answers and Nao asks the interacting person proactively.

Basic Dialog - They established a starter package which is a complete solution for the first steps with Pepper. With this app you get to know Pepper very fast and you can deliver an entertaining way for your customers to experience Pepper.

Dialog Builder - With a couple of simple steps, create your own dialog with Pepper and deploy it in minutes. There is no need for technical knowledge and you can combine animations, tablet display options and dialog input/output.

Launcher - The launcher gives the user the ability to implement his content through the dialog builder or other tools and administrate module he activates on the robot. The dashboard provides a good overview over active apps and the status the current robot is in. After preparing everything the user can switch to a user mode and enable the interaction for customers.

PEPs - Specialized HTTP Server which can interpret REST requests and give the user the possibility to control Pepper remotely.

Games - Everybody loves to play games with Pepper. Whether tic tac toe, senso, three shells or colour touch, it's always a great pleasure.

Advanced Smart Home Integration & administration - Together with a specialized partner we prepared Pepper to become the perfect assistant to control your preferred IoT devices. With this solution and the possibility to extend the range of new supported devices, Pepper gets the ability to organize everything in one place while you get the ability to access all different sources of information shorthand.

Technology & Expertise

CMS - With their software, it is possible to prepare and deploy optimized content for Pepper and Nao. They deliver an interface which enables customers to integrate their content, without the need of technical knowledge.

Chatbot - They already have integrated several services with different customized solutions for chatbots. Starting with a quick set up Q&A chatbot which is based on the Microsoft Azure cloud technology, over developing more advanced chatbots in cooperation with different companies, up to the more complex integration of IBM watson.

Click to mail/SMS - They deliver a good framework that enables Pepper to acquire contact information and communicate with a server of your choice through a configurable backend.

Cognitive computing - For the best customer experience they use the abilities of Pepper and Nao to deliver content which depends on the human characteristics currently detected by the robot's sensors. With this template system the content is always optimized for the current interacting person.

IT system integration - IBM watson, several IoT integrations and the possibility to connect Pepper or Nao to active database structures - empowers you to add these companion robots to every IT infrastructure you want.

IoT - They are using IoT to give Pepper the control of facility management such as light and sound management. Also they have developed a case where they use beacons to detect location based services and connect Pepper to existing cloud CMS. With this combination they are able to combine all various signals or sensors to receive an input and deploy content depending on a hierarchical logic.

Navigation - Here they can deliver two ways of service. On one hand Pepper can serve as a guide and show information about the current location and room system. On the other hand, they integrate a possibility for indoor navigation based on various techniques such as QR code recognition and odometrical value processing.

NLU/Semantic Analysis - They combine the best parts of Nuance remote and cloud services such as Google and AWS to process language inputs and analyse these streams of information. Depending on the service they use, they can integrate intention-based decisions and enrich the customers experience in the dialog.

Proactive Engagement - Should Pepper not attract attention by his presence alone, he can proactively address people. This results in interaction with Pepper even in particularly large areas. In addition, fear of contact with the robot can be reduced.

QR code/ Barcode scanning - By recognizing QR codes, Pepper can be used at the access to events. Pepper scans the tickets and with his navigation skills he can show the way to the right seats of the customers.


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