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CleverGuides implements advisor systems on Pepper to increase the lead and sales conversion at the POS or at fairs. Using the solution CleverLeads®, CleverGuides generates high-quality B2B leads for industrial and trade companies through interactive guides (guided-selling technology). The sensory capabilities of Pepper enable CleverGuides solutions to react individually to different human behaviors and moods.


CleverGuides provides both ready-to-use and customised solution. They have rich experiences in advisory of products & services and B2B Lead generation for Telecommunication and Real Estate industry. Their solutions can be deployed in following industrial sectors:


Ready-to-use solution: CleverGuides advisor system

Individual advisor systems for products and solutions of telecommunication companies and brand manufacturers 

  • CleverLeads®: lead generator to create high qualified leads at fairs and POS 
  • CleverAnalytics: reporting system for market research

Customized solutions

  • Applications for welcoming at events and fairs
  • Product and solution advisors for shops
  • Configurator systems
  • Assessment systems

Technology & Expertise

CMS - CleverGuides provides an interface between Pepper and the product database of the advisor system and the CRM system (e.g. Salesforce).

Cognitive computing - CleverGuides uses face and emotion recognition to enhance the decision process of the advisor system. So Pepper is able to react differently in a individual buying situations.

Data Analytics - The advisor systems are collecting data via Google Analytics. CleverGuides creates individual Google Data Studio reports to figure out lead and sales conversion rates and to optimize them.

IT system integration - CleverGuides integrated Pepper with the CleverLeads® lead generation technology and connects to the SMARTASSISTANT advisor platform.

Proactive Engagement - CleverGuides uses the sensoric information to create a unique advisor session for every customer. Regarding to the individual needs and the mood of the customer Pepper can engage every customer differently.

Real-time data processing/Decision making  - Using the CleverLeads® technology, the CleverGuides advisor system is processing real-time data to create different question and answer trees to support individual buying decisions.

Advisor Systems (Guided Selling Technology) and SMARTASSISTANT interface - The CleverGuides advisor solutions for Pepper are completely internationalized (e.g. current references in English, French, German, Italian, Serbian, Arabic). The CleverLeads® technology supports especially generation of high qualified B2B leads. The Short-URL generator creates device independent links to the individual advisor sessions.


  • Telekom Serbia


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