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Set sail for tourism 3.0.



Humanoid Robots are a new digital channel for connecting with smart travelers and guests with an innovative, worth-to-repeat, and worth-to-share experience.

Pepper and NAO guide and assist travelers and guests to purchase products or improve brand awareness by providing services based on their needs & requirements.

Pepper and NAO are powerful touchpoints to omnichannel, thus providing a single but comprehensive view of every individual traveler and guest.



Pepper and NAO robots solutions for travel industry

Benefits of Robots in Tourism


SoftBank Robotics Tourism Benefit

Attract Guests
Trigger curiosity, increase brand awareness & attract the undivided attention of travelers and guests.


SoftBank Robotics Tourism Benefit

Enhance product visibility
Enhance product visibility, stimulate purchase and retain loyal customers.


SoftBank Robotics Tourism Benefit

Gather comprehensive data
Gather comprehensive data and generate traveler and guest insight to adjust product positioning and improve service effectiveness.


SoftBank Robotics Tourism Benefit

Creating Memorable Experiences
Create memorable experience, transform traveler and guest journey, and leverage it into a new level.

How our Robots do it differently?

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Proactive engagement
Our robots call travelers and guests' attention, initiate interaction by voice and animated expression, or pro-actively go towards people to start conversations.

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Pepper and NAO can speak up to 21 languages and provide translation via Cloud services: allowing you to serve global travelers and guests.

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Customized interactivity 
Using their sensors, Pepper and NAO can categorize and/or identify the person they are interacting with and adapt their behavior to his/her profile.

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Communication on-the-fly
Being connected, our robots are able to search the latest information at a centralized level, generate, update and adapt their behavior and content to fit local conditions and audience.

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Cognitive computing
Taking advantage of the embedded and cloud-based services, our robots can have continuously evolving behaviors to interact with travelers and guests based on their real-time analysis results.

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Services offering
As a key element of the customer journey, Pepper and NAO offer useful services such as mobile keys, concierge, cloakroom services, reservation & modification, ticketing, shop & collect, order & delivery, and translation.

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Capitalizing on their humanoid shape, our robots use their entertaining interactions to build a strong relationship with customers and engage them loyally with you.

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Data collection
Being perceived as 'friendly and 'no judgment', our robots are easily accepted by travelers, feeling more confident to answer questions openly. Collected information is enriched by the sensors, generating precious added-value insights.


Typical Use Cases in Tourism


Receptionist & Welcome Assistant
Welcome and direct global travelers and guests in their native language. Our robots ensure a consistent and high-quality welcome and registration to customers for a lasting engagement and an increased return customer rate. They also perform different tasks such as check-in/out, queue management, wayfinding, and FAQs.

Brand Ambassador
Constantly delivering products and brand messages. Pepper and NAO are reliable communicators in presenting corporate activities, marketing campaigns with accuracy and consistency across all locations.

Sales Associate
Connected, our robots assist the sales force through accurate product consultation and personalized recommendations. Our robots excel in upselling & cross-selling.


Using enriched interactions, taking advantage of the verbal interaction supported by the full body language, our robots are an engaging channel for in-game advertising and couponing.

Survey Conductor
Deploy interactive traveler and guests’ satisfaction surveys and monitor the results in real-time to create actionable insight and improve services

Loyalty Management
Constantly delivering products and brand messages, Pepper and NAO are reliable communicators in presenting corporate activities, marketing campaigns with accuracy and consistency across all facilities.


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