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Pepper & NAO are powerful tools for healthcare advocacy and are seen as essential touchpoints to raise awareness for a disease or provide a unique and optimized patient experience for better disease management.

With remote-monitoring capabilities, our robots empower patients to access larger-scope and value-added care.

Pepper and NAO are the perfect learning & training tools to enhance a patient’s functional ability & intrinsic capacity.



Pepper and NAO robots solutions for healthcare

Benefits of Robots in Healthcare


SoftBank Robotics Healthcare Benefit

Efficient Administration
Enhance the efficiency of the administrative process, improve quality and consistency of patient experience.


SoftBank Robotics Healthcare Benefit

Spread Awareness
Improve awareness of preventative care, reduce anxiety on disease & treatment and enhance stakeholder relationship.


SoftBank Robotics Healthcare Benefit

Improve the Standard of Care
Generate real-world evidence to analyze patient health history for a better diagnosis and standard of care.


SoftBank Robotics Healthcare Benefit

Optimize Resources
Enable repetitive task allocation to Pepper to optimize human resources.


SoftBank Robotics Healthcare Benefit

Investment valorization
As a scalable digital platform in healthcare institutions, our robots enable new business opportunities, ecosystem expansion with other value-chain players, and monetization of value-based robot services.

Elderly Care Initiative with Pepper

Humanoid Robots have been a significant aid to the elderly due to their interactive & intellectual interface enabling them to cater to personalized needs for all. Pepper can elicit simple and individual instructions for activities such as exercise and enables processing and sharing of medical results to the medical professional enabling effective monitoring of elderly health. Pepper’s telepresence feature allows the elderly to be in constant touch with their families and friends. As an assistive technology, Pepper is doing more in less and every day embracing new endeavors in elderly care.

COVID-19 Initiatives with Pepper

Since the onset of COVID-19, there has been an increase in the number of contactless solutions in hospitals. Pepper is enabling smoother operations in Hospitals with its significant contribution in preventing the spread of the virus through:

Mask Detection Ability 
Wearing masks and social distancing are the paramount tools to fight the virus. Pepper has the ability to detect complex mask types and spreads awareness about social distancing amongst patients and staff.

Equipped with features such as Teleoperation, obstacle detection, and audio and video encryption, Pepper facilitates a smooth connection with people enabling them to stay in touch with their families.

Wireless Robots such as Pepper allow other robots and devices to connect to each other via wireless internet connection. This can be applied to devices such as oximeters, thermometers, or even thermal cameras, enabling the elderly to have consultations any time of the day, and send out emergency notices to staff and first emergency responders.

How our Robots do it differently?

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Proactive engagement
Our robots call patients' attention, initiate interaction by voice and animated expression, or pro-actively go towards people to start conversations.

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Pepper and NAO can speak up to 21 languages and provide translation via Cloud services thereby allowing you to serve international patients.

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Customized interactivity 
Pepper and NAO can categorize and/or identify the customer they are interacting with and adapt their behavior to his/her profile by using their sensors.

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Communication on-the-fly
Being connected, our robots are able to search the latest information at a centralized level, generate, update and adapt their behavior and content to fit local branches’ conditions and audience.

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Cognitive computing
Taking advantage of the embedded and cloud-based cognitive computing services, our robots can have continuously evolving behaviors to interact with your patients based on their real-time analysis results.

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Services offering
As a key element of the patient journey, Pepper and NAO offer useful services such as consultation, online administrative services, on-demand patient reports generation, concierge, ticketing, and order & delivery.

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Capitalizing on their humanoid shape, our robots use their entertaining interactions to powerfully deliver healthcare information and guidelines, as well as to motivate patients for more physical and mental training.

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Data collection
Being perceived as 'friendly' and 'no judgment', our robots are easily accepted by patients, feeling more confident to answer openly to questions. Collected information is enriched by the sensors, generating precious added-value insights.


Typical Use Cases in Healthcare


Medical Receptionist
Ensuring a consistent and high-quality welcome to visitors and patients. Our robots optimize staffs' workload, assist in different tasks such as queue management, wayfinding, registration, and FAQs.

Our robots are cost-effective interfaces in prevention care, knowledge dissemination, and community activities communication. Pepper is an efficient telepresence tool, with his humanoid expression and cognitive capacities, serving one or multiple users.

Patient Service representative
Delivering multiple services such as consultation, online administrative services, on-demand patient reports generation, concierge, ticketing, and order & delivery, Pepper and NAO allow you to facilitate administrative procedures & fulfill your patients' needs.

Data Generator
Conducting survey research on patients’ satisfaction. Pepper and NAO enable you to execute it with flexibility and collect more complex data to generate valuable insights.


While entertaining, our robots are engaging people with educational healthcare contexts, especially in encouraging and accompanying patients for physical and mental exercises.

Health Assistant
Pepper and NAO assist patients in self-diagnosis, support staff in health trending & monitoring, and are a platform for telemedicine and the hub of information distribution in the forms of notifications, alerts, and sound detection.

Brand Ambassador
Constantly delivering products and brand messages, Pepper and NAO are reliable communicators in presenting corporate activities, marketing campaigns with accuracy and consistency across all facilities.

Sales associate
In the OTC environment, our robots assist your sales force through accurate product consultation and personalized recommendations. Our robots excel in upselling & cross-selling.


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