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The Basics is intended to get to know the highly interesting field of modern robotics in a playful way.

  • Simple: topics for beginners guided all along with exercises.
  • Structured: students immediately apply their knowledge with practical exercises.
  • Varied: this textbook starts to guide students towards independent work and support teachers in accelerating the learning regarding their programming skills, workflow...
  • 4 different levels: basic, beginner, advanced and expert. Step by step, the students learn how to connect NAO, control and program it with Choregraphe.
  • Integration of external programming environments such as Python or C ++ opens up a multitude of possibilities

Resources inside the textbook:

- Illustration to explain every step of each chapter
- Chapter summary for each level
- Solutions with text and video
- Hints

You will also need to download Choregraphe, our visual programming tool to use the eBook. 
 Choregraphe  Download Choregraphe here


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